Exhibitions and markets

I seem to have been putting a lot of pictures on a lot of walls of late. Here’s a little run down of where you can see all things pen, ink, brick, door, window… buildings, probably best to just call them drawings of buildings, eh.


My latest exhibition is at the lovely Cafe 1901 in Jesmond (pictured above). It serves Rocky Road and the best cheese scone in human existence (unconfirmed).

In other parts of the city I have a semi permanent (in that they screwed them into the wall six months ago and haven’t asked me to take them down yet) exhibition at The Bodega pub on Westgate Road. Also there are a number of pics up in Pink Lane Coffee near Central Station, which will be moved on at the beginning of May to a new exhibition opening in The Cluny, Ouseburn Valley.

If you get regular gnasher checks you may also have spotted a mini exhibition on the walls of a new waiting room in a Heaton dentist surgery – here’s hoping they aren’t becoming too associated with searing tooth pain.

As for markets, you can find me at the following places over the next couple of weeks. I’ve got a few new samples of cards and tote bags on the stall too so if you want to be the first to snap up those then do, please, be my guest…

Saturday 6th April – Grainger Market, Newcastle (8-5pm)

Sunday 7th April – Tynemouth Market (8-3.30pm)

Saturday 13th April – Tynemouth Market (8-3.30pm)

Sunday 14th April – The Cluny Arts & Crafts Market (12-4pm)


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