New card & tote bag range

Greetings blogosphere,

So then, I’ve a new greetings card and tote bag range in the pipeline. It’s been interesting putting it together, interesting indeed. The illustrations are hand drawn, giclee scanned and then digitally printed. I started out trying to find a realistic way of hand finishing all the items but ran into a few, ahem, issues.


Firstly I tried letterpressing the cards and then screen printing but in both cases the finish was too dark to capture the detail. I love both those processes though and am definitely looking into producing some pieces in the future that has the process in mind. Really love old film posters of the 50’s 60’s, especially Saul Bass so am looking to do some bold designs using his work as an inspiration. That though is the future and today, as you may well be aware, is the er, present.


With that in mind then it’s on with the new card and tote designs. I’ll have the cards available to buy from this weekend at Tynemouth market (Saturday, 9-3.30pm) and The Cluny art market (Sunday, 12-4pm). The bags will follow in due course, both the bags and cards will also soon be available on-line and via local North East retailers but I’ll keep you updated with all of that carry on. For now, here’s another image from the range, Newcastle’s Millennium Bridge as seen from the Tyne Bridge…




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