Tyneside Cinema


I love the Tyneside Cinema… so much so that I’ve drawn it twice. It was built in 1937 as Newcastle’s news reel theatre,  giving the good people of the city somewhere to watch Match of the Day and Made in Chelsea. Ok, ok, so it was mainly news footage (apparently 42″ plasmas in your living room weren’t the done thing back then) so people would drop in to watch the news come to life via those speedy Pathe picture reels. As I type I’m keeping half an eye on a Boston manhunt at home via BBC News 24, so times have, indeed, changed.


As with all great institutions though, the cinema itself has evolved over the years and is now one of the UK’s very best independent art house cinema’s. The drawing above became the very first piece within my Low Moon Over High Town collection. At the time I drew it, it wasn’t meant to be a collection (just a one off drawing) but I liked it and other people liked it, so I drew another one and the rest is brick related history…

As the collection grew I had an exhibition at the cinema (Summer 2012) which went really well and off the back of that I produced a second drawing (below) to celebrate the buildings 75th anniversary. This is the cinema from the front, with a bit of artistic licence to change the signage of the building next door to read 75 (instead of ‘massage’ which isn’t quite as relevant, eh). This image is limited to 75 signed prints sold in a frame for, yup, £75.
Til the next time…
Oh, hang on, come back, both prints are available to buy (along with other prints in the collection) at www.lowmoonoverhightown.com. Now you can leave, thanks… byeeeeeee.

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