Exhibition at The Forth

the forth

I like The Forth. I like it so much I drew a picture of it. And they liked the picture so much they offered me an exhibition. Hurrah.

If you’ve not been in The Forth in the last ten years, my pictures will be in the Gents. If you have, they’ll be in the back room exhibition space (formerly the Gents).

I’ll post up some pics once it’s on the walls. The exhibition will also include drawings of the Town Wall (opposite The Forth) and the Jazz Café (next door). Put all three together and you’ll probably get some kind of 3D virtual Pink Lane pen and ink world. Except you probably won’t.



Mr & Mrs Harland Wedding Commission

I’ve recently been sent these pictures from a wedding. I’d drawn the happy couple’s front door as a present (their friends secretly clubbed together to buy it for them). Probably couldn’t have stage managed the reaction any better if I’d tried… Congratulations Mr & Mrs Harland!

You can see more information on wedding commissions over here at my website.

aJaw drop


Mum hug


Tyneside Cinema


I love the Tyneside Cinema… so much so that I’ve drawn it twice. It was built in 1937 as Newcastle’s news reel theatre,  giving the good people of the city somewhere to watch Match of the Day and Made in Chelsea. Ok, ok, so it was mainly news footage (apparently 42″ plasmas in your living room weren’t the done thing back then) so people would drop in to watch the news come to life via those speedy Pathe picture reels. As I type I’m keeping half an eye on a Boston manhunt at home via BBC News 24, so times have, indeed, changed.


As with all great institutions though, the cinema itself has evolved over the years and is now one of the UK’s very best independent art house cinema’s. The drawing above became the very first piece within my Low Moon Over High Town collection. At the time I drew it, it wasn’t meant to be a collection (just a one off drawing) but I liked it and other people liked it, so I drew another one and the rest is brick related history…

As the collection grew I had an exhibition at the cinema (Summer 2012) which went really well and off the back of that I produced a second drawing (below) to celebrate the buildings 75th anniversary. This is the cinema from the front, with a bit of artistic licence to change the signage of the building next door to read 75 (instead of ‘massage’ which isn’t quite as relevant, eh). This image is limited to 75 signed prints sold in a frame for, yup, £75.
Til the next time…
Oh, hang on, come back, both prints are available to buy (along with other prints in the collection) at www.lowmoonoverhightown.com. Now you can leave, thanks… byeeeeeee.

New card & tote bag range

Greetings blogosphere,

So then, I’ve a new greetings card and tote bag range in the pipeline. It’s been interesting putting it together, interesting indeed. The illustrations are hand drawn, giclee scanned and then digitally printed. I started out trying to find a realistic way of hand finishing all the items but ran into a few, ahem, issues.


Firstly I tried letterpressing the cards and then screen printing but in both cases the finish was too dark to capture the detail. I love both those processes though and am definitely looking into producing some pieces in the future that has the process in mind. Really love old film posters of the 50’s 60’s, especially Saul Bass so am looking to do some bold designs using his work as an inspiration. That though is the future and today, as you may well be aware, is the er, present.


With that in mind then it’s on with the new card and tote designs. I’ll have the cards available to buy from this weekend at Tynemouth market (Saturday, 9-3.30pm) and The Cluny art market (Sunday, 12-4pm). The bags will follow in due course, both the bags and cards will also soon be available on-line and via local North East retailers but I’ll keep you updated with all of that carry on. For now, here’s another image from the range, Newcastle’s Millennium Bridge as seen from the Tyne Bridge…



Exhibitions and markets

I seem to have been putting a lot of pictures on a lot of walls of late. Here’s a little run down of where you can see all things pen, ink, brick, door, window… buildings, probably best to just call them drawings of buildings, eh.


My latest exhibition is at the lovely Cafe 1901 in Jesmond (pictured above). It serves Rocky Road and the best cheese scone in human existence (unconfirmed).

In other parts of the city I have a semi permanent (in that they screwed them into the wall six months ago and haven’t asked me to take them down yet) exhibition at The Bodega pub on Westgate Road. Also there are a number of pics up in Pink Lane Coffee near Central Station, which will be moved on at the beginning of May to a new exhibition opening in The Cluny, Ouseburn Valley.

If you get regular gnasher checks you may also have spotted a mini exhibition on the walls of a new waiting room in a Heaton dentist surgery – here’s hoping they aren’t becoming too associated with searing tooth pain.

As for markets, you can find me at the following places over the next couple of weeks. I’ve got a few new samples of cards and tote bags on the stall too so if you want to be the first to snap up those then do, please, be my guest…

Saturday 6th April – Grainger Market, Newcastle (8-5pm)

Sunday 7th April – Tynemouth Market (8-3.30pm)

Saturday 13th April – Tynemouth Market (8-3.30pm)

Sunday 14th April – The Cluny Arts & Crafts Market (12-4pm)